Nothing makes me more delighted than finding the heart of my thinking implemented, and implemented well. This type of collaboration can be done. They even have an iPhone app called FixMyStreet! I’m in love.


Bloomberg likes the idea of multi-fare rides

Mayor Bloomberg’s State of the City Speech (on YouTube)
Thursday January 15, 2009, 1 PM

“We’ll also experiment with a common sense idea that will help New Yorkers stretch their own dollars further: the option of taking multiple-fare taxi and livery rides from, for example, airports and other locations. Riders will save money and drivers will make money. It’s a win-win – what’s not to like?”


It is illegal to ride along with taxi drivers


I asked a number of cab drivers this afternoon if I could ride with them on the job for research purposes. After a number of alternate reasons for declining my request, I found out this is illegal and a letter is required from the TLC for a driver to ride with a front-seat guest.

Fieldwork: Renting a zipcar and giving (free) rides

Jonathan, M, 27, smartphone, uses sms/gps
Start of ride: 59th Street, End of ride: West Village
Takes a taxi at least once a day with an average ride of $15,
He is what some call a super user
Jonathan is trusting of people, but impatient. Convenience trumps cost
He is from DC, has lived in nyc 6 years and has taken the subway 3 times
Jonathan is a public transportation anomaly

(Many thanks to Parker for driving!!)