Bloomberg likes the idea of multi-fare rides

Mayor Bloomberg’s State of the City Speech (on YouTube)
Thursday January 15, 2009, 1 PM

“We’ll also experiment with a common sense idea that will help New Yorkers stretch their own dollars further: the option of taking multiple-fare taxi and livery rides from, for example, airports and other locations. Riders will save money and drivers will make money. It’s a win-win – what’s not to like?”



It is illegal to ride along with taxi drivers


I asked a number of cab drivers this afternoon if I could ride with them on the job for research purposes. After a number of alternate reasons for declining my request, I found out this is illegal and a letter is required from the TLC for a driver to ride with a front-seat guest.

Fieldwork: Renting a zipcar and giving (free) rides

Jonathan, M, 27, smartphone, uses sms/gps
Start of ride: 59th Street, End of ride: West Village
Takes a taxi at least once a day with an average ride of $15,
He is what some call a super user
Jonathan is trusting of people, but impatient. Convenience trumps cost
He is from DC, has lived in nyc 6 years and has taken the subway 3 times
Jonathan is a public transportation anomaly

(Many thanks to Parker for driving!!)

Inspired at MobileCampNYC2

MobileCampNYC2 proved to be a compilation of active, intelligent, good natured people. I was so pleased to see this existed in NYC outside of ITP! It was wonderful to meet so many minds and hear what they were working on. I was particularly interested in the technical limitations being encountering. The event inspired me to start working on a design that I’ve been wanting to use for over a year now called ShareMyTaxi, a mobile project using SMS to coordinate real-time cab sharing.

Here are a few mobile precedents using SMS: dodgeball, socialite, yellowarrow, placestodo, smart sneaker, Google SMS, HopStop,

A few other mobile, locative apps: loopt, mologogo, GPShoppe,

Cab-sharing precedents:,, rightrides, pooln, Google Ride Finder