“Don’t boil the ocean.”

I want to boil the ocean, jump over the mountain, collect the stars, and have tea parties in marianas trench.



Celina, Ben, Anaid and I hit New York City streets tonight with stencils, brushes, and tempura paint (water-based/impermanent). We tagged Alphabet City ‘s curbs, sidewalks, and crosswalks with the block’s voting poll sites to help direct people leaving their apartments in the morning. There was something in the air tonight, a quiet excitement, the warm Fall evening hushed as if it were the first snow. Everyone we encountered were extremely supportive of the idea and encouraged us through conversation or passing words of hope for tomorrow’s results. Its good to be in New York City. If I were to do this again I’d go with a more personal approach and tag apartment building doorsteps – although this information should really be sent to all registered voters via email/SMS.

Pockets (for the rest of you)

Elim and I started working on ‘pockets for the rest of you’ last night, a hoodie with additional pockets sewn on, mapped to the hand positions of various embraces, to keep everyone’s fingers warm!